Basic Air Service

All our facilities are staffed with factory trained service technicians to keep your compressors operating at peak efficiency. Our technicians are on call 24-hours daily to handle your emergency situations. We’re ready to take care of your service and repair needs, regardless of manufacturer.

Efficiency Audits

The U.S. Department of Energy determined that on average up to 50 percent, or more, of the energy it takes to run one 100 hp air compressor is wasted.

Our audits review the entire compressed air system to identify ways to maximize efficiency; reduce waste; and reduce energy, maintenance, and equipment costs. Audits provide the most accurate possible data on the current system conditions to help manage the system, identify component upgrades, and ensure the entire system operates as it should.

The complete LogAir™ auditing system can log virtually any parameter in the system, including true power (actual kW measurements), flow, pressure, dew point, and temperature, and all at rates as fast as once a second for up to 14 days. With all the data acquisition expertise, capability, and software, Sullair certified auditors can use the LogAir™ system and software to provide accurate data analysis to evaluate financial options and offer the best choices for managing a compressed air system investment. In addition, Sullair and authorized distributor partners will be happy to validate any audit with a follow-up assessment.

  • The system includes: Data loggers, software and programming, pressure transducers, current transformers, portable dewpoint monitor, flow meters, other sensors and training.
  • Reduce operating costs 25 to 50 percent.
  • Reduce maintenance costs 10 to 80 percent.
  • Get the most accurate possible data on current system conditions.
  • Receive documentation on power usage and your system’s interrelationships.
  • Can be conducted without downtime or disruption to productivity.

Air-Minder Inspections

It's important to keep your equipment running smoothly. Properly adjusted control will minimize monthly electric bills. Early detection of potential problems will avoid costly repairs and catastrophic downtime. It's a no-brainer!

Every month we'll send a trained technician to your plant. If a problem is detected our technicians will advise you immediately. Our technicians fill out AIR's exclusive air system check sheet, so you have a permanent record of compressor condition.

Our Technicians will:

  • Adjust all compressor controls to your specifications for maximum performance.
  • Check amp draws, operating temperatures, oil levels and other vital signs.
  • Take an oil sample for the quarterly analysis.
  • Check air dryers, filters and condensate drains for proper operation.

We have a flat $150.00 rate for your first two compressors. Each additional compressor is $75.00, plus a one-way travel fee of $1.20 per mile.


Our company cares about the reliability of your system and provides the latest in technical information and training. We regularly host End-User Seminars to acquaint our customers with the latest information about their systems and equipment.  The seminars will teach your team the fundamentals of compressed air & vacuum systems, drying systems & control systems. Call us at 1-888-NEED-AIR for a copy of our training schedules.